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frequently asked questions

What is the germination rate of your seeds?

Our seeds have undergone quality testing, and we ensure a high germination rate, usually stated on the seed packets. This rate indicates the percentage of seeds expected to sprout under optimal conditions.

How can I enhance seed germination success?

To enhance germination, ensure adequate water, temperature, and light conditions as specified for each seed variety. Pre-soaking some seeds or scarifying hard seed coats can also improve germination rates for certain species.

Are your seeds treated with any chemicals?

We prioritize offering untreated seeds whenever possible. However, some seeds may undergo treatment to protect against pests and diseases. This information is clearly indicated on the seed packets.

Can I save seeds from the plants grown from your seeds?

Yes, you can save seeds from open-pollinated varieties for future planting. However, for hybrid seeds, the offspring may not exhibit the same traits as the parent plant.

How do you ensure seed quality and purity?

We follow strict quality control measures, including regular inspections, to maintain seed purity. Our production processes adhere to industry standards and are designed to prevent cross-contamination.

What is the best way to handle seedlings after germination?

Once germinated, handle seedlings carefully, ensuring they receive adequate sunlight, water, and protection from pests. Gradually acclimate them to outdoor conditions before transplanting them into the garden.